Me against Him

Me against Him
Racing a BMW

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blair Cup race #2

      Crit racing in Greenville. The Piedmont Orthopedics Cycling Team put on another great race tonight. Loads of fun and speed. 

      Crit racing is probably the sketchiest way to go fast- other than down hilling in a shopping cart. Crits are scary. Especially when people that don't know how do ride bikes go fast try to do them. But other than that they are pretty fun. 

     My goal for tonight was to finish with the lead group. I achieved that goal and pulled a top 10 finish placing 8th.  
     The course was a fun one. It had one hill that was the decider and the attacking point for most - it was also the finish line. The course is really cool, you only have to work really hard on that one hill and the rest is pretty much down hill or you can carry momentum through the parts that are flat or slightly up hill. 

      Fast laps and lots of fun. 

           Have fun,

          T. Crotts

p.s. sorry for the lame post.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Half the legs= half the speed= WRONG!

  Inspiration strikes around every corner. Life leads us to some interesting turns and opportunities. In my life I have had the chance to be around some pretty amazing people, and once again life has not let me down and has introduced me to yet another amazing, passionate, strong individual. 

  I recently started a new job at Sunshine Cycles, which is the best job I've ever had btw. I have met lots of cool people through work. But by far the coolest person is a man named Bryant Young. Bryant has one leg. He is an above the knee amputee, he only has a hip flexor in his left leg. His right leg is fully functional. A few years ago Bryant decided that he was going to show his children and everybody else in this world that would pay attention just what exactly living is for. Bryant decided to set a goal and do his damndest to accomplish that goal. Bryant decided to use his disability to inspire. He decided to get a bike. He walked into Sunshine Cycles and said, "I want a bike." John James and Dave Clark, two of my colleagues, talked to Bryant for several hours and they tried a few different combonations and eventually worked out a rig for Bryant to ride- it is a very nice Specialized Roubaix with a high end Shimano mix and some super fast Zipp 404s. 

   Bryant has been riding for several years now and is a stud. All of his power goes to the bike in one leg. The guy puts out like 550 watts or more. He does 20 minute intervals at 240 watts - with one leg. He climbs Paris Mt.- the local hill in G-ville, its like 2 miles long or something I'm not really sure but its more than I would do with one leg. He takes pulls at the Donaldson Center rides. He hangs with the group at the Hour of Power. He is amazing. 

   On one occasion, the first time I rode with Bryant, I was challanged to try to do a hill that Bryant does with one leg. The group came to the base of Oakleaf Rd or Dr. or whatever and I unclipped my left leg and let it dangle beside me. I began to climb with just my right leg, this isn't a very long hill but it's just long enough to experience immense pain and suffering- especially with one leg. I made it most of the way up the hill, that is until my front wheel jumped off the ground I tried to stop and unclip and I ended up falling down. The guy is strong!

   Bryant has started a non profit organization called Amputee in Action. The purpose is to spread the word about amputees and their abilities and how they can do something athletic if they so choose. Bryant, for example, is going to compete in a TT at Nationals in Oregan and will hopefully make the National team or better yet he will be invited to spain for the World Championships. The guy is going to do something impressive regardless even if he just show up and wows everyone with his charm and wit. 

   To put it simply he's amazing, did i already say that? Check him out at or come do the Saturday morning shop ride at Sunshine Cycles, we leave at 7:45am. 

   Have fun
     T Crotts


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Sick" + "Gnar" = stoked

    Man riding mountain bikes is a fun way to go fast. It might be up there with some of the fastest ways to go fast. Its been a while since I've been on my mountain bike, but I had the chance to go out and ride with that Tall guy and Timmay yesterday. We went and rode some Pisgah gnar and it was awesome. 

    I talked a little too much trash the night before and Timmy made me eat those words pretty good. He dropped me goin up Thrift and so did Danny but that doesn't really count cause his legs are so long. But yeah I felt like crap the whole way up thrift but it was fun. When we got to the top we decided to go down Black Mountain. Thats where the sick and the gnar came in. It had rained all day on Monday and the trail was wet and muddy and slippery. Lots of fun but real sketchy for me.  Maxxis advantages hook up like crazy and I like it, but specialized resolutions do not. My front tire was slidin all over the place. 
   Then we decided to go down lower Sickamore (lame punny) sketchiness continued. So there is this section with stairs on this trail and i pretty much took the worst line and it was scary. But thats why I ride a Stumpjumper, that thing can ride over anything.  The ride ended with lots of mud and that makes it fun. I was really dirty and so is my bike and it is happy. 
   So all in all loads and loads of fun and mud and getting dropped and hurt but mostly fun. 
     Have fun, 
      T Crotts