Me against Him

Me against Him
Racing a BMW

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New bikes and more speed.

My new bike except trade the red for force

    So, I finally got my new bike. It is a Blue RC8. I have been really excited about this day for a very long time. Today was the day that I got to ride my very own full carbon road bike with Sram components on it. I have dreamed of having a nice road bike for years and now that it has become a reality it's all kind of surreal. 

    I went from a 21lb Giant OCR aluminum frame to a Blue RC8 full carbon 16lb 4oz road eating maching. 

   The Blue RC8 is a lugged carbon fiber frame. It carries a modest 2lbs 8oz between all of its lugs and all the stiffness a manufacturer could engineer. The RC8 is one of the nicest bikes I've ever ridden. It is a smooth ride, handles very nicely, the thing decends like a bat out of hell- and ascends like one too. 
   I am probably the happiest young man on the face of this earth. Tonight when I lay my head down on the pillow- and lay awake for an hour or so because my heart is racing because my mind want stop thinking bikes- I can only dream of my bike. 

   Check them out at or just click the link that says "They aren't all blue".

  Have fun, 

    I know I am 

          T Crotts

P.S. Pait you better watch out I'm coming for you.