Me against Him

Me against Him
Racing a BMW

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Cyclocross Race

on every lap.

Trying to recover
and not get blown up.

The lead in to the steep a very awkaward chicane going down and then a hard right turn up to the hill.

Tony and me on the climb. (Tony is in the guy standing)

Over the weekend I did my first real cyclocross race. The Greenville Spinners put on a great event for the South Carolina Cyclocross Championships. The race was on an abandoned golf course in Easley, the cart paths made things interesting.

I had never done a cross race before but I knew that it was all about position, so when the start was given I gave it my all and started out with a good position. I was 5th out of the first turn. The first turn dumped us out on to the golf course for about 200 yards of rolling straight away and then a hard left hand into a sand pit. The sand was probably 6 in. deep so I decided to run through it- in practice I tried to ride and only made about half way through the sand and my wheel would just stop. After the sand the course went into a fun chicane and then rolled towards the parking lot and the back of the course. The back side started with the most fun part of the race. It went down a really steep cart path to a section of grass and then up and around a tree. It was so fast through that section! After that, it lead to the barriers- that was the easiest part of the race. Then the worst part came.

The course went up another short puncher and then to a long gradual climb in the grass. It was the worst pain I've ever experienced. I almost lost my breakfast there on every lap- that makes two sections of the course that were filled with dry heaves.

The laps went by and so did the heaves and before I knew it I was on the last lap. I was thinking, "Thank God I'm almost done, just finish it Tyler.... you can do it". More on that in a sec.....

Tony Warmuth is a guy who used to work at Sunshine Cycle and has moved on to become the manager of a shop in Greer, Gusto Cycles. Tony talks almost as much trash as I do and he backs it up too. We haven't had the appropriate chance for a show down until the cross race. Tony was there to race and so was I- even if he want admit it.

So I'm on the last lap heading into the barriers and Tony comes around me. We were on the back side on a cart path when he came around, I just thought I need to take it easy and pull him back slowly. So I waited. I just rode my race and caught him right before the puncher before the big climb- that was such a hard course! I went around him on the hill just to get into his head a little. As we went up I heard him try to shift and knew then that he wouldn't be making it around me. His gears just weren't havin' it. We made it to the big climb and I heard it again there. Tony shouted an expletive and I really knew then that I had it. So I trudged on up the hill and looked back at the top of it to see Tony off running up. I put it on a little harder and checked my progress after about a minute. I had a pretty good gap. The gap lasted all the way to the sand pit, but I could tell that he was trying to pull me back. I tried not to panic and just keep the pressure on. Going into the chicane I got a little nervous, he was faster through that section than me. I came out of it and looked back, he was gaining on me. I shifted and stood up and gave it one more hard effort. I was getting a gap, or at least maintaining it. The little kick up to the parking lot sealed the deal. I stood and sprinted with all I had left. 9th place, top ten at my first cross race.

I was really happy with the result, not because of my placing but because I fought Tony off. It was loads of fun and I can't wait until this weekend to do it all again.

Have fun,

T Crotts

I would like to give a few shout outs that made my first race fun and successful. T Cowie; thanks for the race and warmup advice. Baker Bill: thanks for the tip about re mounts, run back up to full speed then mount- thats the only reason I stayed in the top ten. Caroline: Thanks for taking all the great pictures. Mom and Dad: thanks for coming out and yelling at me to go harder when I was going as hard as I could already.

Tony and me bombing down the cart path, that was so scary

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cross Fever!

Its that time of year: the air is getting cooler, the sky is getting bluer, the nights are getting colder, the days shorter, the leaves are starting to crunch under our feet and the fat tires and cantilever brakes are going on the bikes. Its time for cyclocross!

Last year I was introduced to something that changed the way I think about riding bikes. I learned what cyclocross is. Cyclocross is a war of attrition. It is a fight with the human psyche. It is the most fun you can have while dying at the same time. Cyclocross is awesome!

The bikes are probably the coolest there could be, the people are nice and crazy strong, the atmosphere is fun, the courses are hard and technical and it hurts.

I cannot wait for the season to start so I can find out what this is all about- I've only done one cross race and It was on my mountain bike- and it wasn't really an official race. But, that was all it took and I was hooked.

So, my suggestion to you is to find a cross bike, start riding it, and come to the races. I promise that it will be fun.

I will keep you posted with race reports and the epic tales of the pain, but until then...

Have fun,

- T Crotts

Friday, September 18, 2009

Today's Go fast Tip

Somehow become Jared Graves. Sure fire way to become super fast really quick.

That is all.

Have fun,

T Crotts

Monday, September 14, 2009

Something to write home about


       I've had a lot going on the past few weeks. Summer was a slow blur and the beginning of school has been no different.  Looking back on it all my life has been a whirl wind adventure of bike riding and education and driving and everything else under the sun. 

     I'm back in Brevard at school now, thats a huge plus - I like Greenville but Brevard is awesome, its great to be back.  I've been riding the wheels off of my new bike- its amazing, I pinch myself at least twice every time I ride. 

      I got a powertap and a training plan so all you people better watch out I'm going to be throwing down some wattage.  -- Speaking of throwing down wattage its time for the Saturday morning shop ride race report. 

      Saturday started much like any other Saturday morning shop ride usually does. I drove down from Brevard in the early morning hours to good ol SC for some bike riding. I was one of the first to the Shop and got changed and ready for the ride. We pulled out at our usualy 8 oclock time and I was off the front for the first few minutes of the ride, just getting warmed up and doing a little head game playing.  I settled down just before the first sprint of the day, the school hill sprint- at least thats what I call it- is rarely contested by the big guns and it wasn't Saturday so I was happy just to sit back and watch some of the other guys go at it. We pulled out from the convience store parking lot and headed towards my favorite sprint, Meece bridge rd. The pee tree sprint as it is affectionatly called is a long straight sprint with a hard lead in. The lead in is pretty complex, there are two longish gradual climbs before the road flattens out for the lead out to the stop ahead sign. Louis attacked early and got a gap on the field with another guy. I was on Tony's wheel just waiting for the action to start. Tony put in a monster pull and brought back Louis. About that time John came around me with Randy, the greenville spinner, so I jumped off of Tony's wheel and on to their wheels. John put down a good effort to get the pace high, I think it was for me but i'm not sure, and then he pulled off leaving Randy and him side by side and me just between their wheels- the perfect place. I stood and started to churn the pedals, I had it timed perfectally- I was really pleased with it- and got Randy by about half a bike at the line. Sucessful first sprint. 

       I've been trying to win the Quarry sprint since about mid July and Saturday it finally happened. The Quarry rd sprint is probably the hardest one on the ride. Quarry road has two climbs the first one is not that bad but its a decider. The second one is steep and long. John had a break going from the road before Quarry all the way down to the bridge where the lead in to the sprint starts. I got on the front and tried to bring them back, Pait, Louis and I think Tony were right there with me. We brought John back right at the bridge but two other guys were still up the road. They were pushing hard but it was too much too soon- thats what makes the Quarry so hard if you don't time it perfectly its not going to happen. So, Pait got on the front and set out a monster piece of work, the man is a powerhouse and one of my favorite wheels to be on. He pulled over the top of the second hill and even down into the false flat before the sprint actually starts. The line is at the end of a false flat after the two hills. Pait pulled off the front with about 5 or 600 meters to the sign and I was 2nd wheel. That left me two options, pull of and try to get Randy to go around or attack like crazy and try to take it out right. I took the latter. I stood and sprinted as hard as I could. I got to the line with a considerable gap on them- I don't think they even tried to go with me. I was heaving when I crossed the line on the verge of losing my breakfast. Second succesful sprint. 

     On to the State Park Sprint. The State park sprint starts up a really steep short hill and then over a few rolling hills where the pace really picks up. Pait was out on the front again, right at the top of the really steep hill he told me to get on his wheel and he would help me out. So, I did and he pulled all the way until the road started to go downhill and then he pulled off. Randy-the spinner was off the front, he's got this thing where he likes to jump off the group on the hill and see how long he can survive. Louis was on my wheel and I was pulling down the hill towards the dam of the lake at the state park, that's where the road kicks up the entrance of the park and the sprint line. So, with Louis in tow I was pulling down the hill and had Randy in my sights. He never turned around to see where we were so I kept the pace right to catch him just as the road kicked up. I waited for the last second then hit it as hard as I could to set Louis up for the sprint. It worked and Louis jumped out from behind my wheel and up the hill to the park entrance. Another succesful sprint. 

      Saturday was a great day loads of fun. It was nice to get back out on the Saturday morning shop ride. 

     Some things for the future, I've got a cyclocross bike in the works so the pain is going to start really soon and I can't wait. I'm going to do some collegiate and some real races over the winter to see what that scene is all about. 

      Until then 

      Have Fun, 

     T Crotts

P.S. I will update this more than once a month for the next little while sorry for the dry spell. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New bikes and more speed.

My new bike except trade the red for force

    So, I finally got my new bike. It is a Blue RC8. I have been really excited about this day for a very long time. Today was the day that I got to ride my very own full carbon road bike with Sram components on it. I have dreamed of having a nice road bike for years and now that it has become a reality it's all kind of surreal. 

    I went from a 21lb Giant OCR aluminum frame to a Blue RC8 full carbon 16lb 4oz road eating maching. 

   The Blue RC8 is a lugged carbon fiber frame. It carries a modest 2lbs 8oz between all of its lugs and all the stiffness a manufacturer could engineer. The RC8 is one of the nicest bikes I've ever ridden. It is a smooth ride, handles very nicely, the thing decends like a bat out of hell- and ascends like one too. 
   I am probably the happiest young man on the face of this earth. Tonight when I lay my head down on the pillow- and lay awake for an hour or so because my heart is racing because my mind want stop thinking bikes- I can only dream of my bike. 

   Check them out at or just click the link that says "They aren't all blue".

  Have fun, 

    I know I am 

          T Crotts

P.S. Pait you better watch out I'm coming for you.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wind blows, pain hurts, and TTs are hard

  Tonight was the 3rd Donaldson Center race against the clock. The second one for me. It was also the second real TT I've ever done. 
   Time Trials are a thing of beauty and the people in this world who have it down to a science are some of the most gifted disciplined people who walk the earth- or pedal a bike for that matter. Time Trails are different than most other races. They are a solo effort, man and his machine against the clock and his brain- especially in my case. 
    A good time trialist doses his effort out over the whole distance. The maximum effort he can preform for the entire TT. The Fabian Cancellaras and Levi Leiphimers of the sport have made an art form of being able to know their bodies and accuratley pace themselves over any distance against the clock. 
     That leaves people like me. I have done two full on TTs in my life- technically 3 but one was a climbing TT and I didn't give it much. I have done countless efforts against the clock and bike legs of a triathlon, but none of those are the  kind of effort a TT requires. TTs aren't like an interval, people preform those with the intention of going at a set pace for a short amount of time- it can be a long amount too, but still- and they have the intention of doing a similar effort following a rest period. TTs are all the rider has and its all for the whole time and nothing afterwards. That is so easily said but nearly impossible to do properly. 
    Last time at the TT I did a decent job pacing myself. This time I borrowed a friends Zipp disk wheel- it gave me some false confidence- and I thought I could go harder because: 1. I've done more training 2. I've done a TT before and 3. I had one of the fastest wheels in the world- I ended up putting too much into the first part of the TT and forced my body into recovery on one of the hardest sections of the course. Needless to say my goal of having a faster time than last time wasn't achived. 
     I learned two valuable lessons tonight: 1. Go easier at the beginning of a TT and ease into the effort and 2. You can't by speed. I guess technically you can but my experience proves just becuase you have a fast wheel doesn't mean the racing legs- or mind- can keep up with the wheel.
    At first it was hard for me to see the good in tonights experiences and I was actually rather disappointed with myself. I guess thats part of what this blog is for, it helps me sort things out and find the good in a bad situation. 
    I can't wait until the next race, August 6th, when I will not be expecting a better time just a better overall performance at this discipline. 
    Have fun, 
          T. Crotts

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Start Hard, Sit in, Suffer, Attack, Blow Up

   That is the way to race the Blair Cup crit. NOT!
   Thursday night was Blair Cup number 3 and one of the hardest races to date for me. This one ranked right up there with the Lees McCrea Road race. 
    The race started really hard. I was in a bad position on the line and it just went down hill from there. We were gunning from the beginning because some guys decided to make a break and everybody went crazy. So, the people on the front chased really hard while I dangled on the back of the main field, knowing better than to be back there I tried to get in the middle on every lap- didn't happen. Anyway, lots of suffering, chasing, breaks, and catching of breaks. 
    The race is the standard 4/5 length of 35 minutes plus 3 laps. With about 7 or so laps to go the group absorbed a break right on the hill of the course. I saw that I had a clear line through the group and everybody was slowing down. I was already out of the saddle to keep up with the group and figured what the heck I'll give it a go. So, I stayed standing hit it a little harder and got a gap on the field. 
     I was out all alone for two laps. It was cool to come around on a lap by myself and hear the announcer say my name. I was dying by the second lap by myself. Did I mention it was 95 degrees? I thought I was going to hurl. Then going into turn 4 and the hill on the course I looked back to see Jonathon Pait out of his saddle breaking from the field and bridging up to me. I smiled and sat up a little. As Pait came up beside me we acknowledge each other with a nod and a smile Pait was having too much fun standing up and going fast so I just sat up and waved him on. Looking back I should have gotten on with him we probably could have done something. I went back to the field and sat in until we pulled Pait back. After about a lap of that I caught Pait and simply said, "Hurts doesn't it?" I was reffering to the pain of the attack. We kind of rode together just fast enough to stay on the lead lap.
   After a month of good spirited trash talk the better man won in my opinion. According to the results Pait placed 20th dead last of the people on the Lead lap. I got a DNF, which I will protest, because i was on the other side of Pait and they didn't see me. (we finished side by side) But Pait was kind enough to let me sit on his wheel for the last two laps and he was the stronger man Thursday night. 
   I learned a lot about racing Thursday night. I learned that its better to do something than nothing. That attacks hurt really bad and are best saved for closer to the end or earlier in the race. I learned that opportunities present themselves and taking advantage of them is easy, committing to them is something totally different. And that racing my bike is really fun. 
     So remember.... 
 Have Fun,
  T Crotts 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going Slow

  Speed is relative. It is a feeling. So when reading this blog keep that in mind. 

  I have always liked to go fast on my bike and pretty much everything. Speed is fun. Going fast gets your heart pumping and when that happens your body releases chemicals that make you happy. So naturally I like going fast. 

  I recently was informed that to go fast you have to go slow. At first I assumed that John was just making stuff up, but then I realized he was right. I ride pretty much the same speed on every ride I do and that is bad. 

  So today I went out and did the slowest, easiest ride I have ever done. In three years of riding the slowest ride. It was not really that bad to go slow, I really needed it. 

  Thursday night I did a TT out at Donaldson center. I was hoping for better than a 24:18 for the ten mile course but thats about where John said I would be. That just means I'll do better next time. For the first leget TT i've ever done it wasn't too bad. I paced my self well and caught the guy in front of me at the 5 mile turn around. I didn't get caught be the person behind me so it was all good. 

      I'm going to be going slow for the next week or so. 

 Have fun, 

   T Crotts

Monday, June 8, 2009

For a man of little words

     I experienced something I have never experienced in my entire life yesterday. I have been caught up in a bit of trash talking that was not instigated by me. I'm serious that has never happened before. I love talking crap to anyone about anything, and this time - finally - I'm not starting it. 

     There is a man who lives in Greenville, he races with my boss - sort of my boss-, he is a frequent customer of Sunshine, and he finished behind me at the last Crit race we did. That part is important, he was behind me. This man's name is Jonathan Pait. Pait is a mild mannered 40 something guy who rides a bike pretty well for a guy of his old age and lack of hair. (That was an intentional cheap shot at him personally just to make him mad.) 

     So, apparently, Pait is supposed to be stronger and faster than me. He is a Cat 4 racer and he has some fancy power meter and he knows how to use it. But here's the catch, he isn't really faster than me. If I want to be I think I am faster than him. (We never really drag race at the right times, i'm sure we will soon.) I guess he thinks because he beats me on a few group ride sprints he is faster than me. Which, I will give it to him if you win a sprint you are faster at that sprint- that I can not deny. But, next time hopefully he'll bring what he's got and I'm going to show him what I've got and we shall see. 

     Anyway, back to the story. One day I'm working on a bike at work, minding my own, when out of the blue Pait says something about how he's upset because I beat him at the Blair Cup crit. I was taken aback. I never really thought of Pait as a trash talker. He's the kind of guy who just likes to show he's better than you rather than telling you. And show you he will, maybe. 

     Well at this Saturday's Hour of Power, that is a group ride that the shop does - loads of fun and sprints, Pait was supposedly gunning for me. I believe the words were "lets crush him". I wasn't feeling my best and I had previously taken a less experienced rider up the road with me to try to give him some glory, Gary is a cool guy and deserves a little help. So Pait and John come flying around me about the time I pulled off to send Gary attacking like a wild man, I said "You've got it." That was to Gary not to Jonathan as he suspected. Gary didn't attack and I just sort of rode up the hill at the Quarry and went on to join the group at the stop sign. Pait won that sprint. I had nothing for him there.   

    Later in the ride we came to my favorite part of the ride, the state park sprint. The lead up starts up this really steep hill, we usually attack the group there and get a gap. Then it kind of false flats and flats for a few 1000 meters and starts to drop down hill where it the kicks up to the entrance of the Paris Mt. State park, first one to the park entrance wins. Well, Pait was at the front setting a good little pace, but it wasn't enough- It usually takes John's old creaky legs to get it spun up to sprint speed- so I shouted at Pait, "MORE PAIT!!" and John told him to pull of and laid it down with me in tow. John pulled off and I carried it down the hill spinning my little compact big ring wildly. I pulled off and John jumped to go, he's old so he didn't go long and said, "You've got it." So not willing to waste any energy since John gave up I sat down. Then Pait comes blowing around us and takes the sprint. (Did I mention that earlier in the ride Pait made a rookie mistake and tried to sprint in his 39 ring and I smashed him?) 

      I guess pait was satisfied because after that we just hung out and talked about ways to win the Blair Cup. We ended the ride and Pait never actually said anything to my face about his prowess out on the road that day. Pait left and Saturday drew to a close. Then yesterday I read his face book and saw that he had written a blog about our little throw down. And so this is my reply. 

                 Pait if you want it you know where to find it. Come get some.

   Remember kids have fun, Mr. Pait and I are having loads of it.

     T Crotts

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blair Cup race #2

      Crit racing in Greenville. The Piedmont Orthopedics Cycling Team put on another great race tonight. Loads of fun and speed. 

      Crit racing is probably the sketchiest way to go fast- other than down hilling in a shopping cart. Crits are scary. Especially when people that don't know how do ride bikes go fast try to do them. But other than that they are pretty fun. 

     My goal for tonight was to finish with the lead group. I achieved that goal and pulled a top 10 finish placing 8th.  
     The course was a fun one. It had one hill that was the decider and the attacking point for most - it was also the finish line. The course is really cool, you only have to work really hard on that one hill and the rest is pretty much down hill or you can carry momentum through the parts that are flat or slightly up hill. 

      Fast laps and lots of fun. 

           Have fun,

          T. Crotts

p.s. sorry for the lame post.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Half the legs= half the speed= WRONG!

  Inspiration strikes around every corner. Life leads us to some interesting turns and opportunities. In my life I have had the chance to be around some pretty amazing people, and once again life has not let me down and has introduced me to yet another amazing, passionate, strong individual. 

  I recently started a new job at Sunshine Cycles, which is the best job I've ever had btw. I have met lots of cool people through work. But by far the coolest person is a man named Bryant Young. Bryant has one leg. He is an above the knee amputee, he only has a hip flexor in his left leg. His right leg is fully functional. A few years ago Bryant decided that he was going to show his children and everybody else in this world that would pay attention just what exactly living is for. Bryant decided to set a goal and do his damndest to accomplish that goal. Bryant decided to use his disability to inspire. He decided to get a bike. He walked into Sunshine Cycles and said, "I want a bike." John James and Dave Clark, two of my colleagues, talked to Bryant for several hours and they tried a few different combonations and eventually worked out a rig for Bryant to ride- it is a very nice Specialized Roubaix with a high end Shimano mix and some super fast Zipp 404s. 

   Bryant has been riding for several years now and is a stud. All of his power goes to the bike in one leg. The guy puts out like 550 watts or more. He does 20 minute intervals at 240 watts - with one leg. He climbs Paris Mt.- the local hill in G-ville, its like 2 miles long or something I'm not really sure but its more than I would do with one leg. He takes pulls at the Donaldson Center rides. He hangs with the group at the Hour of Power. He is amazing. 

   On one occasion, the first time I rode with Bryant, I was challanged to try to do a hill that Bryant does with one leg. The group came to the base of Oakleaf Rd or Dr. or whatever and I unclipped my left leg and let it dangle beside me. I began to climb with just my right leg, this isn't a very long hill but it's just long enough to experience immense pain and suffering- especially with one leg. I made it most of the way up the hill, that is until my front wheel jumped off the ground I tried to stop and unclip and I ended up falling down. The guy is strong!

   Bryant has started a non profit organization called Amputee in Action. The purpose is to spread the word about amputees and their abilities and how they can do something athletic if they so choose. Bryant, for example, is going to compete in a TT at Nationals in Oregan and will hopefully make the National team or better yet he will be invited to spain for the World Championships. The guy is going to do something impressive regardless even if he just show up and wows everyone with his charm and wit. 

   To put it simply he's amazing, did i already say that? Check him out at or come do the Saturday morning shop ride at Sunshine Cycles, we leave at 7:45am. 

   Have fun
     T Crotts


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Sick" + "Gnar" = stoked

    Man riding mountain bikes is a fun way to go fast. It might be up there with some of the fastest ways to go fast. Its been a while since I've been on my mountain bike, but I had the chance to go out and ride with that Tall guy and Timmay yesterday. We went and rode some Pisgah gnar and it was awesome. 

    I talked a little too much trash the night before and Timmy made me eat those words pretty good. He dropped me goin up Thrift and so did Danny but that doesn't really count cause his legs are so long. But yeah I felt like crap the whole way up thrift but it was fun. When we got to the top we decided to go down Black Mountain. Thats where the sick and the gnar came in. It had rained all day on Monday and the trail was wet and muddy and slippery. Lots of fun but real sketchy for me.  Maxxis advantages hook up like crazy and I like it, but specialized resolutions do not. My front tire was slidin all over the place. 
   Then we decided to go down lower Sickamore (lame punny) sketchiness continued. So there is this section with stairs on this trail and i pretty much took the worst line and it was scary. But thats why I ride a Stumpjumper, that thing can ride over anything.  The ride ended with lots of mud and that makes it fun. I was really dirty and so is my bike and it is happy. 
   So all in all loads and loads of fun and mud and getting dropped and hurt but mostly fun. 
     Have fun, 
      T Crotts 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crazy good weather and a cool road

      So the past few days in Brevard have been AMAZING. I'm not talking about just sorta good days, when I say amazing I mean it. Its been blue skies and 75 to 80 every day. This makes me very happy. Its been hard to adjust to the weather here but to see the sun again is very very nice. 

     The other day I went out for about two hours to enjoy the sunshine and I found a really awesome road. There is a gravel road that runs from the outskirst of Duopont State forest all the way over to Pisgah Forest. The road is really pretty, its got some really cool views of a creek running along side of it. Plus its really fun because its gravel and its a rolling road - which provides a tough ride. 

    So yeah the weather is good the training is good which means the tan is also good. Plus summer is almosst here. School gets out in a week and a half and I get to start my job with Sunshine Cycles which I'm super stoked about.  
    Everybody get outside and enjoy what ever it is you enjoy.  

         Have fun, 
            T Crotts

Friday, April 24, 2009

Things that make you faster

Ten things to make you faster.  

1. Shaved legs
2. New bike (white or blue are the fastest)
3. "Race" wheels
4. Super rad shades (with blue lenses and white frames)
5. giro ionos, specialized s works decibal, or bell sweep r  
6. Carbon souled shoes (prefferably specialized)
7. Stuff that is white
8.Carbon bottle cages
9. Powertap
10. doin work! 
       just to take it to 11. SRAM components 

I guess all of that isn't in the correct order. But any of those things will make you faster I guaruntee it. Plus you'll look really good doin it. 

        Have fun, 

       T Crotts

Sunday, April 19, 2009


   Race weekend! Great job this weekend to Coach Squirrel.  He held a fantastic Confrence race.  This is Caroline by the way, Tyler said I could write this post.  He will probably change all of it, but he did a great job this weekend.  Yesterday, the team amoung many others raced up Walnut Hallow which is a pretty crazy climb especially at race pace.  Tyler pulled off a 7th place and I am very proud of him.  He looked like he was in pain, but he said he was only in pain for the hill, the course was 31 miles and he said he was having a great time.  He told a story last night about how he had a new look on racing and riding because of something he read on his team mate, Dan Ennis', blog.  Dan mentioned how nobody rides for fun anymore. 

Good job Caroline. CLAP CLAP. 

 Anywho. Yeah this weekend was great. The road race was a tough course, but it was a great day for it and we all had a good time in the sunshine. And, yeah, I was 7th at the road race. There was an attack on Walnut Hollow that blew up the field and Park went with it so I just sat back and let him do his thing. I sorta chased but not really. Me and some UAH guy gave it a solid chase but to no avail. On the way into Rosman we sat up and let some Clemson guys jump on, Ryan Newman aka Nascar made a solid addition to our chase and helped a lot. We stayed together until the end of middle fork rd. on the last lap of the race, then he dropped his chain and we didn't wait up. On 178 I attacked the UAH guy and rode it in solo for a 7th place finish. Good day lots of fun. 

 Sunday - CRIT RACIN!!!!

  Today was an awesome day full of Crit racing. Some fun stuff! 

The C race got blown up by the same dude who won the road race, It was a really good tactical move and they ended up winning. Good job guys. I almost threw up the Braken Mountian Bakery pastry I had on my warm up lap, but that would have been a terrible waste of art so I held it down. I ended up the day 9th in the crit, it was fun for a first crit.  

Man that B crit was fun to watch, but the mens A was probably the coolest. I stood on the inside corner of the hardest turn, turn three. Cool view. The womens B race was dominated by some BC women. Good job Joh and Jami.  Julia put in a solid race finishing 3rd in her crit. Good jo guys. 

  Back to the story Caroline was telling.  

    Dan the man told a story about how to ride for fun and I liked the idea. Its nice to do that. Fun riding is a lot cooler than bein pinned and training all the time. I'm not saying I don't train I just have fun while I'm doing it. I look around and appreciate this beautiful place I live.

   Have fun, 

     T. Crotts

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Race Course ride

   Yesterday I hit the road with Batman for a one hour ride to Walnut Hollow and around that neck of the woods. After that I rode with the Manimal, T cowie, wells, Jamie Perry, Kale ( dudes got a cool bike). We rode the Brevard race course, the race is this weekend. 

   So that put me at like 3 hours for yesterday, not too much riding - maybe just a little too hard. 

   Long story short is today i feel like crap. I woke up and went to my math class, then went to the nurse, got a bite to eat, came back to the room went to sleep and i just woke up at 1:00pm.  I hate getting sick but especially right before a big race. Hopefully its not too serious and I'll be feeling better. I certainly rested enough. 

  So everybody needs to come out for the race this weekend, its gonna be sick. 

        Later: T crotts 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top Ten Best Bikes for 09

  I'm obsessesed with bikes. I love everything about them. I go into a bike shop and its like going into an art museum mixed with a candy store. I've decided to make a list of my top ten favorite bikes for 2009. 

    Specialized Tarmac Pro SL
    Specialized S-works Tricross
    Specialized S-works Transition 
    Giant TCR SL
    Cervelo S3
    Specialized S-works Epic
    Specialized S-works Stumpjumper (hardtail) 
    Cervelo P3
    Wilier Cento Crono 
    Jeremy Power's Cannondale Cyclocross bike

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

These people and their blogs

     So lately I've been a frequent reader of the blogs round these parts. 
Every body and their sister, especially T Cowie, has a blog. So I figured, "hey i've got thoughts" and "hey i've got a computer" and "hey it'll be fun to not update this thing all the time".  So thats what i'm gonna do. I'm going to tell anybody who cares to read that I have a blog and let them read it. 
I'm gonna use this to talk some smack if it ever comes to that. I'm going to use it to journal. I'm gonna use it to just plain ramble incoherntly half the time. Plus it will relieve lots of bordom, which is always a plus. 
 So first blog: 
      Technically it started before this but who cares. Today is the first day of the rest of my life, ha not really. Any who I rode a lot this weekend and it felt good. I got a tall boy tan line and that definitely means I did some work, or either it was really sunny and thats what happens after 5 hours.  So I've got this job at a little known restaurant called Zaxby's. It's pretty chill usually but it sucked tonight, I'm just glad I don't have to go tomorrow. This is that part where people are going to start scrolling. Back to important stuff. 
Man i'm long winded, thats what she said. Anyway yeah i'm gonna do this whole blog thing cause thats what people in this rainy beautiful place do - other than ride bikes and hang out at bike shops. 

     Even MANIMAL has a blog! 

    And thus the talk begins.  Marshal your blog picture is really goofy. HA! and i can sprint faster than you.