Me against Him

Me against Him
Racing a BMW

Sunday, April 19, 2009


   Race weekend! Great job this weekend to Coach Squirrel.  He held a fantastic Confrence race.  This is Caroline by the way, Tyler said I could write this post.  He will probably change all of it, but he did a great job this weekend.  Yesterday, the team amoung many others raced up Walnut Hallow which is a pretty crazy climb especially at race pace.  Tyler pulled off a 7th place and I am very proud of him.  He looked like he was in pain, but he said he was only in pain for the hill, the course was 31 miles and he said he was having a great time.  He told a story last night about how he had a new look on racing and riding because of something he read on his team mate, Dan Ennis', blog.  Dan mentioned how nobody rides for fun anymore. 

Good job Caroline. CLAP CLAP. 

 Anywho. Yeah this weekend was great. The road race was a tough course, but it was a great day for it and we all had a good time in the sunshine. And, yeah, I was 7th at the road race. There was an attack on Walnut Hollow that blew up the field and Park went with it so I just sat back and let him do his thing. I sorta chased but not really. Me and some UAH guy gave it a solid chase but to no avail. On the way into Rosman we sat up and let some Clemson guys jump on, Ryan Newman aka Nascar made a solid addition to our chase and helped a lot. We stayed together until the end of middle fork rd. on the last lap of the race, then he dropped his chain and we didn't wait up. On 178 I attacked the UAH guy and rode it in solo for a 7th place finish. Good day lots of fun. 

 Sunday - CRIT RACIN!!!!

  Today was an awesome day full of Crit racing. Some fun stuff! 

The C race got blown up by the same dude who won the road race, It was a really good tactical move and they ended up winning. Good job guys. I almost threw up the Braken Mountian Bakery pastry I had on my warm up lap, but that would have been a terrible waste of art so I held it down. I ended up the day 9th in the crit, it was fun for a first crit.  

Man that B crit was fun to watch, but the mens A was probably the coolest. I stood on the inside corner of the hardest turn, turn three. Cool view. The womens B race was dominated by some BC women. Good job Joh and Jami.  Julia put in a solid race finishing 3rd in her crit. Good jo guys. 

  Back to the story Caroline was telling.  

    Dan the man told a story about how to ride for fun and I liked the idea. Its nice to do that. Fun riding is a lot cooler than bein pinned and training all the time. I'm not saying I don't train I just have fun while I'm doing it. I look around and appreciate this beautiful place I live.

   Have fun, 

     T. Crotts

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