Me against Him

Me against Him
Racing a BMW

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Race Course ride

   Yesterday I hit the road with Batman for a one hour ride to Walnut Hollow and around that neck of the woods. After that I rode with the Manimal, T cowie, wells, Jamie Perry, Kale ( dudes got a cool bike). We rode the Brevard race course, the race is this weekend. 

   So that put me at like 3 hours for yesterday, not too much riding - maybe just a little too hard. 

   Long story short is today i feel like crap. I woke up and went to my math class, then went to the nurse, got a bite to eat, came back to the room went to sleep and i just woke up at 1:00pm.  I hate getting sick but especially right before a big race. Hopefully its not too serious and I'll be feeling better. I certainly rested enough. 

  So everybody needs to come out for the race this weekend, its gonna be sick. 

        Later: T crotts 

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