Me against Him

Me against Him
Racing a BMW

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crazy good weather and a cool road

      So the past few days in Brevard have been AMAZING. I'm not talking about just sorta good days, when I say amazing I mean it. Its been blue skies and 75 to 80 every day. This makes me very happy. Its been hard to adjust to the weather here but to see the sun again is very very nice. 

     The other day I went out for about two hours to enjoy the sunshine and I found a really awesome road. There is a gravel road that runs from the outskirst of Duopont State forest all the way over to Pisgah Forest. The road is really pretty, its got some really cool views of a creek running along side of it. Plus its really fun because its gravel and its a rolling road - which provides a tough ride. 

    So yeah the weather is good the training is good which means the tan is also good. Plus summer is almosst here. School gets out in a week and a half and I get to start my job with Sunshine Cycles which I'm super stoked about.  
    Everybody get outside and enjoy what ever it is you enjoy.  

         Have fun, 
            T Crotts

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