Me against Him

Me against Him
Racing a BMW

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cross Fever!

Its that time of year: the air is getting cooler, the sky is getting bluer, the nights are getting colder, the days shorter, the leaves are starting to crunch under our feet and the fat tires and cantilever brakes are going on the bikes. Its time for cyclocross!

Last year I was introduced to something that changed the way I think about riding bikes. I learned what cyclocross is. Cyclocross is a war of attrition. It is a fight with the human psyche. It is the most fun you can have while dying at the same time. Cyclocross is awesome!

The bikes are probably the coolest there could be, the people are nice and crazy strong, the atmosphere is fun, the courses are hard and technical and it hurts.

I cannot wait for the season to start so I can find out what this is all about- I've only done one cross race and It was on my mountain bike- and it wasn't really an official race. But, that was all it took and I was hooked.

So, my suggestion to you is to find a cross bike, start riding it, and come to the races. I promise that it will be fun.

I will keep you posted with race reports and the epic tales of the pain, but until then...

Have fun,

- T Crotts

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