Me against Him

Me against Him
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A whole lot all at once

So it's been a while...... A lot has been going on since the last time I even thought about writing on this thing. I guess I should start at the last post and go from there.

Collegiate season ended and then I did two regular crits. One of them was the Spartanburg edition of speed week. I decided I would attack on the very first lap, before the first turn. I was joined by two other guys at the end of the first lap. I lasted three laps with them, I was doing a lot- probably too much- of work. I ended up getting dropped because I started feeling like I was going to explode out of two of my openings involving food. I didn't want that to happen so I sat up and rejoined the group. From there only one of the guys in the original break stayed away. A bunch of people crashed a few times, I mangaged to avoid them and ended up getting 5th in the sprint. I got some money and that was cool.
After that race I did the POA blair cup race. I felt good the whole race and raced pretty smart until the last lap I took the wrong line in a turn and got boxed in to the back half of the pack. Going into the sprint I was in about 20th position. I finished 14th, but two lapped guys got in my way and caused a huge traffic jam. That was frustrating.

Since all that I haven't done much other than work and not ride. I took about 2 weeks off, not totally I just rode when I wanted to, then there was a week straight of evening ride ruiners I like to call thunder storms. I managed to get one good ride in the last 3 weeks. Last week I went out on Wednesday morning to go up Paris Mountain.
I was shifting gears into an easier gear at the base of the moutain and my shifter made a horrible noise. It was busted, dropped me in to my 12 cog and I was done. I pulled into a friends house at the base of the mountain and asked him if he could give me a ride to Sunshine, he did. I called up Sram and they said a new shifter would be on the way. I waited a week and nothing, so this morning I called them. They said they are going to send me a pair of 2010 shifters, so thats pretty much awesome.
In the mean time I finally remembered I have access to a mountain bike and decided to take it out last night. The only problem with that is I picked the same night the storm of the century decided to hit. I rode anyway. I got about 30 minutes in and the lighting and wind got really bad. I decided to go under a shelfter, about 10 minutes later the bottom dropped out. I waited and waited and finally a guy offered me a ride back to my car.

Things at Sunshine have been going pretty ok. People still like bikes and I still like helping them with them. Hopefully my shifters will be here before this weekend and I'll be able to do our Saturday morning ride and get some riding done this weekend. This not riding thing is starting to get to me.

Hopefully the fun will start for me soon.

I hope you are still enjoying it

Have fun,

T Crotts


  1. You'd better start training, because I'm coming back!

  2. hey um remember when you blogged?